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(Originally produced in cooperation with the Summer Library Reading Program)


Fizz Boom Legumes

It’s Alive Biological Science

Book: Milk from Cow to Carton
Author: Aliki
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 978-0064451116
Age Level: 4 to 8 years
Aliki’s fun-filled and informative explanation of milk’s trip from grass, to cow, to different foods made from milk.

Activity Supplies:
Milk to Market Maze ActivityMilk to Market Maze

Doing the Activity:
  1. Read the book Milk from Cow to Carton. On page 23, read “If the milk passes inspection, the processing begins.” (add) “One of the first processes is homogenization.” (May want to put a sticky note on that page so you don’t forget.) Then continue with the book text – “Most of the milk is homogenized in a machine.”
  2. After completing the book students complete: The Milk to Market Maze.
  3. Go through each step with students as they connect the information. Have students start with “Gracie grazes” and continue to “Harvesting” then “Refrigeration” then “Transport” to “Pasteurization” to “Homogenization” and finish at “Sell Milk at the Market.”


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