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Food Related Books and Activities
(Originally produced in cooperation with the Summer Library Reading Program)


Fizz Boom Legumes

It’s Alive Biological Science

Book: The Vegetables We Eat
Author: Gail Gibbons
Publisher: Holiday House
ISBN-13: 978-0823421534
Age Level: 5 and up
From glossy red peppers to lush, leafy greens to plump orange pumpkins, vegetables are explored in this c
olorful picture book that clearly explains vegetable varieties, how they are grown, and why they are good for us.

Activity Supplies:
  • Supplies: Food model cards (vegetables)
  • MyPlate poster
Doing the Activity: Who Dug the Veggies from the Garden Patch
  1. Play “Who Dug the Veggies from the Garden Patch” played like Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar.
  2. Have children sit in a circle, put MyPlate poster in the middle of the circle.
  3.  Explain rhyme to children.
    • (Ask in a questioning manner)
      “Who dug the veggies from the garden patch?”
    • Point to random child and say their name
      “(example: Chris) dug the veggies from the garden patch.”
    • (example: Chris) responds, “Who me?”
    • You and the remaining children respond, “Yes, you.”
    • (example: Chris) responds, “Couldn’t be”
    • You and the remaining children respond, “Then who?”
    • (example: Chris) picks a child and says,
      “(example: Di) dug the veggies form the garden patch.”
  4. Chant rhyme until children understand the concept of the repetition or until all children have had a chance to participate.
  5. Give each child a different vegetable card.
  6. This time say, “Who dug the carrots from the garden patch?”
  7. The child with the carrots responds in the same manner as before and places the carrots on top of MyPlate poster in the vegetable section.
  8. The child with the carrots chooses a child with another vegetable and chant continues until all “until all children have participated/vegetables are on MyPlate.


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