Nutrition garden volunteers

University of Missouri Extension uses trained nutrition garden volunteers to implement the Eating From the Garden program. Volunteers and partners assist with teaching the program and establishing gardens.

Nutrition garden volunteers include:

Nutrition garden volunteer recruitment:

Volunteer recruitment can be achieved in a variety of ways:

Volunteer opportunities

Nutrition garden volunteers can help implement the Eating From the Garden program in several ways. Besides the role of teaching the curriculum and gardening with the students, volunteers can help with only planting and harvesting or act as a contact person for common gardening questions (e.g., “What is eating my plants?” “Is this a weed?”). There are many options for volunteers who want to be part of the program but can’t fit the scheduled timeline of teaching.


Help in the community. Gain a foundation of knowledge in nutrition, food safety, food preparation and preservation, fruit and vegetable production, natural fertilizing and pest control plus practical gardening skills from University of Missouri Extension faculty. All volunteer activities are geared to the purpose of educating children in schools and community centers to enhance their health and well-being. Volunteers donate 30 service hours the first year and 20 hours of service each following year.

Go to the volunteer documents page for applications and handouts for your program volunteers.