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Child Care Feature Articles


No cost child care — A benefit for Army families

Give Army Parents a Break provides child care to families of deployed Army National Guard and deployed Army Reserve Soldiers, Army Recruiters, Drill Sergeants, and ROTC Cadre in Missouri...more


Finding summer care for school-age children has unique challenges, opportunities

Working parents often have difficulty arranging suitable care for their school-aged children during the school year. Finding all-day programs for their youngsters during the summer can be even more difficult...more


Quality child care means a clean and safe learning environment

Too often people think caring for another’s child is an easy way to make a few dollars. However, providing quality child care requires a clean and safe learning environment and that is not something that is easy to do...more


Children benefit from unstructured time in the summer

Remember when you were a child and summer was the time to play? Today, children may have more structured time during the summer because of camps, swim lessons and summer school...more


Ready, Set, Go Back to School

As the child’s first teacher, parents have the responsibility of nurturing their child’s potential. The tasks include understanding the child’s needs and then supporting the child’s learning efforts...more


School-age children and physical activity

Between the ages of 6 and 11, children experience many physical changes. Children's arm and leg coordination increases, their ability to use their fingers and hands for crafts and writing improves, and their interest in games with rules and organized sports grows...more


Preschool Children and Pretend Play

Preschool children love to play, especially when their play activities involve "make-believe." This special type of play, known as "pretend play," is particularly important for young children's development...more


Getting My Baby or Toddler Ready for School? Are You Nuts?!?!

If you are the parent or early childhood educator of a baby or toddler, you may cringe at the thought of sending your little child off to school. How can you help now when it seems so far away...more


The Benefits of Quality Child Care

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, an estimated 13 million children younger than six spend some, or all of their day, being cared for by someone other than their parents. This figure includes babies and toddlers...more


What is good child care?

Good child care programs provide a healthy and safe place for children to be social, to learn and to grow. Good child care depends on many things. The three most important are the number of caregivers who work with children, caregiver education and training, and the way that caregivers get along with children....more


Positive Nutrition Experiences for Children in Child Care

Because children spend so much time in child care settings, these programs play an important role in children's attitudes toward health and nutrition. Positive nutrition and health experiences for young children focus on: providing nutritious foods, effectively arranging the eating environment, and appropriate adult behavior during meals...more


Promoting Young Children's Early Literacy

To promote young children's delight in talking, listening, reading, and writing, adults need to provide a variety of interesting language experiences. Children who have reading difficulties in the primary grades often had limited early literacy learning experiences...more


Children's Relationships with Other Children in Child Care

Young children form a variety of different kinds of peer relationships in child care. They have peers as friends, peers as playmates, and peers as unnoticed classmates. Each of these relationships provides an opportunity for children to practice and develop their social skills and their relationship skills...more



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