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Keeping fun in our relationships

Kim Allen, former State Specialist, & Christina Crawford, former Extension Associate, Human Development & Family Studies, University of Missouri Extension


Couple at park having fun togetherRemember those first days of falling in love — the endless talks, the long walks and that feeling of happiness? Sometimes we get in a rut and have to remind ourselves of the importance of keeping fun in our relationships. Having fun with your partner may not seem as important now as it once was. Life can get very busy, especially when trying to balance work and family, but that is why it’s so important to make time for fun. Having fun can be a release from all the pressures and stresses of life. This relaxed and playful time between partners is important for developing long-lasting bonds between two people.

Research shows that couples who spend time together doing things they both enjoy are more satisfied and happy with their relationships than those who spend more time in separate activities. Having fun together plays a key role in healthy, happy relationships because it allows time for couples to just relax, be themselves and focus on being together. And spending time together doesn’t have to be expensive. Try one of these activities or come up with your own ideas for fun this Valentine’s Day:

  • Rent a movie and watch it together.
  • Go to a matinee movie at the theater.
  • Have a picnic at a local park. While there, you can also enjoy swinging, playing basketball or just sitting together on a park bench.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Watch a favorite television show together.
  • Play a board game or a game of cards.
  • Have a candle-lit dinner at home.
  • Cook a meal together.
  • Visit a museum or historical site.
  • Check your local newspaper and visit the Chamber of Commerce to find out about events or attractions in your area.


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