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Before you make a big buy, you should read the warranty. A warranty is a promise, from the company that made the item or the seller, to stand behind the product. Federal law says that you must be allowed to read the warranty before you buy the item.


There are three types of warranties:

Written warranties come with most high-priced items. Different warranties offer different protection. It is important to compare warranties before you buy the product.

Spoken warranties are promises told to you by a salesperson. It is important to have the salesperson write down any spoken promises. If you do not get it in writing, you may not get the promised service.

Implied warranties say that the item will work the way it is supposed to work. Every state upholds implied warranties. Most purchases are covered by an implied warranty. If your purchase doesn’t come with a written warranty, it is still covered by an implied warranty. The only time implied warranties are not in effect is when items are marked “as is” or when there is a written statement saying that there is no warranty.

To prevent problems:

  • Before you buy an item, read the warranty. Know exactly what protection the warranty gives you and who gives you the warranty.
  • Have in writing all promises made by the salesperson.
  • Save the sales slip and file it with your warranty.
  • Do any service or repair required by the warranty.
  • Use the product the way you are told to in the instructions.

Remember, compare warranties as well as prices!  




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