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Feature Articles: Credit

Learning for Better Living

Getting Credit

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Credit can help you to get items and services now and pay for them later. It may let you buy something you could not otherwise afford. But there is a cost for credit.

That’s why you need to know how credit works.

  • Keep a checking or savings account. Don’t bounce checks.
  • Live at the same place for one year or more.
  • Keep the same job for at least one year.
  • Pay all bills when due.
  • Get phone service in your name.
  • Take out a small loan. Pay it back as agreed.

Credit is available from many sources. Before you decide to use credit, ask yourself:

  • Do I really need the item or can it wait?
  • How much will it cost me to use credit?
  • Is having it now worth the extra cost?
  • Can I make the monthly payments?
  • Figure out how much you can really afford to repay each month.

Credit is a good thing…if used wisely!







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