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Giving wisely is hard work

Spending is easy, but spending wisely takes a lot more effort. One aspect of your spending may be giving to charities and causes in which you’re interested. Try to make that giving deliberate instead of impulsive in 2017...more


Measuring your financial well-being

After just making new year’s goals and during tax preparation season, this is the perfect time to do a self-assessment of your financial well-being. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a financial well-being questionnaire...more


Donate with your heart and a plan

Gift-giving should be part of a larger personal financial plan that reflects your values of spending, saving and sharing. Valentine’s Day is a good time to make or review charitable giving plans...more


Use your time effectively to get more out of your day

In our hurried world, many people wonder how to get more done in the time available. Here are six basic strategies for managing your projects and using your time more effectively...more


Degreeless in debt

In discussion about student loans, a group that is rarely heard from or talked about are students who have dropped out of school before they graduate and have student loan debt. Based on a research article, here is an overview of the trends in student loan and dropout rates as well as the realities facing these students...more


Mobile Check Deposit

Some financial institutions are now allowing remote mobile check deposit. Customers of these institutions can use their smartphone to deposit checks into their accounts anytime and anywhere. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about mobile deposits...more



In the book Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter look at the five essential elements that shape our lives: Career Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing and Community Wellbeing...more



Coupon use is once again growing in popularity. We now have even more access to coupons through the internet, as well as entire websites devoted to couponing strategies and tips...more


Deceased relative’s debt: Who is responsible?

After a person dies, grieving family members may not expect debt collectors to seek payment for the deceased’s debts, but this practice has grown in the past few years...more


Keep track of your documents and records

The chaos of life can make it hard to keep up with important papers and records. Investing a little time to create a tracking system can save time and money down the road...more


Compulsive buying disorder

Found in 5.8 percent of Americans, 80 percent of whom are female, “compulsive buying disorder is characterized by an obsession with shopping and buying behavior that causes adverse consequences”...more


Small steps to your goals

When reading about goals, we often hear about short term, intermediate and long term goals. How people and families define their goals and the times frames to complete them is very different...more


Check 21

The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, also known simply as Check 21, became a law in October 2003. The aim of the law was to increase the “efficiency of the nation’s payments system.” In the past, most checks had to be physically delivered to a bank before they could be cleared. Because some checks had to be routed to various places across the country, this process was expensive and time consuming. Using a digital image of the original, banks now can reproduce your check. The reproduction is called a “substitute check.” ...more


Gift cards are great to give

Are you looking for that perfect, easy gift? One possibility that fits everyone is a gift card. Before shopping for gift cards, you should be aware that there are new Federal Reserve rules for gift cards that went into effect...more


Before Signing a Contract

Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English & Spanish.
Contracts are part of everyday life. Almost anything you buy, sell, borrow, loan, rent, repair or trade involves a contract...more


Beware of Fraud

Part of the Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English & Spanish
Every year, consumers around the country lose millions of dollars to fraud. Con artists use all kinds of tricks to get their trust and money! Elderly people are their favorite targets. But anybody can be a victim of fraud...more


Buying on Layaway

Part of the Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English & Spanish
A layaway plan is an easy way to buy something when your cash is running low or you don’t want to use credit. When you buy something on layaway, the seller agrees to put your purchase aside and keep it for you until you pay for it in full...more


Buying By Mail

Part of the Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English and Spanish
Buying by mail is an easy way for some people to shop. It saves time and energy, and sometimes money. But there are times when buying by mail does not make the buyer happy...more


Care package tips for loved ones overseas

When family members are separated, care packages and cards can be a reminder that others are thinking of them. This article gives some packing and mailing tips and ideas of what to send...more


Smart Car Buying

Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English and Spanish
Buying a car takes time and work. It helps to know what kind of car you need or want and how much you can spend. Remember: If the price of the car is high, the expenses associated with it are higher, such as insurance and repairs...more


Your Time and Your Life

Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English and Spanish
We all have the same amount of time. As family schedules get busier, it is important to learn to use our time wisely...more



Learning for Better Living Series--pdf available in English & Spanish
Before you make a big buy, you should read the warranty. A warranty is a promise, from the company that made the item or the seller, to stand behind the product. Federal law says that you must be allowed to read the warranty before you buy the item...more


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