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Safety Check-Up

Brenda Bell, Human Environmental Sciences Specialist, South Central Region, University of Missouri Extension

Take this test and see how much you know about making your home a safer haven.

1. Most at-home injuries are caused by:

a) fall
b) poisoning
c) fires

2. How many smoke alarms do safety experts recommend having in your home?

a) one
b) two
c) one in each room and hallway

3. You can smell carbon monoxide building up in your home.

a) True
b) False

4. Water from a water heater set on high can cause a severe burn in:

a) 5 seconds
b) 10 seconds
c) 15 seconds

5. For children, a grown-up's medicines are the most dangerous poison in the home.

a) True
b) False



1. A. Slips and falls account for 40 percent of household injuries. Use nonskid rugs and shower mats, keep halls and stairs free of clutter.

2. C. Other ideal locations are in the kitchen, outside each bedroom, at the head of each staircase, and in the basement or attic.

3. False. Carbon monoxide is a odorless gas that produces flu-like symptoms.

4. A. It takes just 5 seconds to get a third-degree burn from 140 degree water. 120 degrees is the ideal setting.

5. True. Medications should be in child-resistant caps, out sight and out of reach.


Source: Health Diary, United Health Care, Spring 1999




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