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Food, Fitness and Body Image


Reawaken the Phenomenal You

The poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou could serve as an anthem for the average woman and girl, for all of us who do not look like the models we see in magazines or the actresses we see on television. Angelou has written a love poem for every girl or woman who has struggled with body image...more


The Real Media Message

Everyday we are surrounded with messages about how we should look. They come at us from the TV set, radio, computer, billboards, magazines, newspapers, spouses, friends and others. Many messages show unrealistic and even altered bodies held up to us as symbols of success and happiness. We have become so accustomed to this steady stream of images that most of us are not aware that it is happening, let alone conscious of the effect on self esteem...more


Does What I Eat Affect How I Look?

The saying, "You are what you eat" isn't really true. What you eat does play a role in how you look. However, eating isn't the only thing that makes a difference. Being physical activity is even more important...more


Love and respect self first

February brings up love, hearts and caring for others. This month, we are encouraging readers to show love and respect in a health-promoting way — and to focus on yourself first...more


Feeling Better About Your Body Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

What you think about your body has a tremendous impact on your self-esteem, your desire to socialize and your relationships with other people. Body image also has a great impact on eating and activity patterns...more

Plant Seeds of Positive Thoughts

In a recent column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, psychologist Doris Wild Helmering wrote about using affirmations to help change attitudes. She wrote, “Most of us understand that to be a good athlete, you have to work hard to get your body to do what you want it to do. . . .it also takes a lot of practice to control our thoughts, to still our mind. But once you learn to control your thoughts, instead of allowing your thoughts to control you, you’ll lead a more creative and satisfying life”...more

Take Good Care of Yourself

Of all the people in this world who know us, we know ourselves better than anyone else can. We know best what makes us happy or sad, what hurts, what feels good. No one else can take care of us the way we need to take care of ourselves...more

Embrace the Pleasure Principal in Food

The movie “Chocolat” reminds us that eating can and should be one of life’s pleasures — that life is better when we embrace the pleasure principal in food. Many people in our country though seem to believe that pleasure has no place in good nutrition and good health...more

Body Image Advertising

Our culture seems to be obsessed with physical appearance. Men and women, teens, boys and girls—all segments of society tie identity to the way people look, to body size and shape, to clothes and hairstyle. Is it any wonder that the way we view our body (body image) can have a tremendous impact on the way we feel about ourselves...more



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