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How many sit-ups does it take to reduce belly fat? Answer: zero

Stephen Ball, University of Missouri Extension exercise physiologist, says sit-ups and crunches will tighten your abdominal muscles, but you will still have the same layer of fat sitting on top of those muscles...more


Be safe when exercising outdoors in cold weather

For many people, the cold winter weather is a reason not to exercise. However, it is possible to get a great workout outdoors as long as you exercise caution and dress properly...more


Five more reasons to exercise

Most people know that daily exercise has many benefits...Recent research provides even more reasons to get up and get moving...more


Eating to be active

Eating for performance is often overlooked by athletes. Foods contain nutrients that are important for various body functions...more


Sports nutrition for better performance

You train hard, learn about the latest techniques and make sure your equipment is top notch. You work hard to be good at your sport. But have you fueled your body for the demands you place on it?...more


Walking: How fast is fast enough?

Every step you take reduces your risk of age-related conditions. Walking can also reduce stress, control body weight, and tone and tighten muscles which can relieve arthritis symptoms...more


MyActivity Pyramid shows adults how to get in shape

The MyActivity Pyramid, a new fitness guide developed by University of Missouri Extension, provides physical activity recommendations for adults in an easy-to-understand format...more


Active Aging—Stay Strong and Stay Healthy

When people talk about being physically active, many think of aerobic activities, but it is also about being strong. Getting the heart and lungs working to full capacity has great health benefits...more


Beyond Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: Physical Activity Introduced in Classrooms through New MU Program to Fight Childhood Obesity

Inactivity is taking over as children spend more hours in front of television or computer screens and fewer hours in gym classes or playing outside...more


Begin spring on an active foot

If the thought of spending hours at the gym or on the treadmill bores you, then think outside the gym. You don’t have to pump iron or sweat to the voice of your aerobics instructor. In fact, the possibilities of ways to be physically active are endless...more


Walk yourself to good health

Good health includes not only healthy eating, but also healthy exercise. In fact, you can walk yourself to good health with a brisk 30- to 40-minute walk every day. And the best part is, it’s easy. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes...more


New physical activity recommendations

The new guidelines have been revised from the last update in 1995 to help people live more active and healthy lives...more


Flexibility and Stretching

The most overlooked component of an exercise or fitness routine is flexibility and stretching. It takes very little time to include these activities in your routine and they are equally as important...more


Pills, Powders Can't Replace Training and Diet

Young athletes, eager to be a starting player or earn a scholarship, may be tempted to follow the lead of pros and use performance enhancers to gain the competitive edge. High school and college athletes are better off focusing on their diet and training, rather than relying on performance-enhancing supplements...more


Walk to be Fit for Life

We know that being physically active promotes good health. Most of us want to be healthy but for some reason we can’t seem to make the move to get to the gym or exercise class. There is an easy way to get fit that doesn’t require a trip to the gym or expensive equipment. Walking is a way to stay fit and the only equipment you need are your feet and some comfortable shoes...more


Let's Get Walking, Tips to Get You Moving

An informational brochure on the Benefits of Walking, Walking for Fitness, an 8-Week Walking Program, Tips on Walking, Pedometers, a Health Guide for Daily Steps, Ways to Increase Your Steps, and Converting Steps to Miles...more


Get active by starting simple!

Most of us are aware that physical activity reduces our risk for chronic health problems like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet, many people struggle to make physical activity part of their ongoing daily routine...more


Time to Spring into Active Living

Winter is over and gone with it should be the excuses for not being physically active. The warm weather and the blooming daffodils just beckon us outside. There are a variety of activities the entire family can do to meet daily activity needs...more


MU researcher's formulas more accurately assess body fat

If you’re an exercise fan, you may be in for a surprise the next time the trainer at the gym takes your measurements: You may find yourself a little fatter than the last time. Don't blame those holiday treats just yet. Your trainer may be using a new equation to estimate body fat from the skin-fold test...more


Strength Train to Stay Healthy

When many of us hear the term strength training, we think of the football player working out on heavy weight machines to build large muscles. Football players do benefit from strength training but so can the rest of us. Strength training is something most people can do and the benefit is that your body will be at peak physical performance...more


Do Supplements Help Athletes?

Participating in sports can be highly competitive. There is always a desire to just be a little bit better. Many athletes try to find supplements, techniques, or special equipment that will help them perform at their maximum. An important thing to know is that you can spend countless dollars that have no proven benefit. Before you spend your hard earned dollars, know the facts about ergogenic aids...more


Pedometers help couch potatoes step up activity

Pedometers give you a way to quantify the amount of physical activity you are doing. When people start wearing them, they get motivated to get more steps in. ...more


Physical activity lowers health risks

People who are sedentary are missing out on the host of benefits that come from physical activity, including lowering their risk of chronic diseases, reducing stress and sleeping better. ...more


Pedometer Pointers

Pedometers are the latest craze in fitness equipment. Like stair steppers, rowing machines and stationary bicycles, pedometers will not help anyone achieve fitness unless they are put to use. Consider these points before buying a pedometer...more


Bar Exam: Energy Bars Flunk

The energy boost you get from the sports bar comes from the calories it provides.  Period – there’s no magical or secret ingredient that’s doing the job....more


Turn off TV, turn on a healthier lifestyle

Healthcare costs in this country continue to rise. While federal and state governments struggle to find solutions, we as consumers are faced with an ever-bigger part of our paycheck going to pay for healthcare insurance. So, what can we as individuals do to help hold down healthcare costs and improve our own health? The answer is as simple as turning off your television and getting up and being physically active....more


Exercise Can Keep You Young

People of all ages and physical conditions have much to gain from exercise and from staying physically active. They also have much to lose if they become physically inactive—some degree of health and ability, for example. A regular exercise program is one way to avoid some of the negative aspects of aging, to stay young...more

Exercising in the heat

In recent years, there have been several well-documented cases of highly conditioned athletes dying unexpectedly while exercising in the heat. Why? At rest the body is able to balance heat production and heat loss so that its temperature remains around 98 F. However, during exercise body temperature begins to rise as it converts the chemical energy from food into the mechanical energy necessary for movement...more


Stay active without succumbing to heat

Missouri’s summertime combination of high heat and dripping humidity can deter even the most ardent devotee of fitness. Total hibernation during hot weather, though, can set one on the path to an inactive lifestyle. A better way to stay active is to work around summer’s heat just as we do winter’s cold...more


Move It! 1 Mile Good; 2 Miles Better; 3 Miles Best

Last week I attended a workshop on Motivation to Move. We were told to dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes, as we would be moving during the workshop. Actually, I could relate to the TV series where the Sergeant yells at Gomer Pile to “Move it! Move it! Move it!”...more


When You’re Hot, Choose the Best Fluid

We’ve had some warm days lately. On hot, muggy days, one sweats and hopes your deodorant lasts all day! If this is the case, are you drinking enough fluid? And, which fluid should you be drinking? ...more


Keeping Fit When Weather Keeps You In

When the weather outside is frightful, you may be tempted to stay inside curled up by the fire rather than brave the elements for the sake of fitness. Staying active is too important for health, though, to do without until the spring thaw. The following suggestions may be helpful in starting or keeping a more active lifestyle whatever the weather...more

Time for spring training

Just as baseball players need spring training to get in shape for the upcoming baseball season, this is a great time to start preparing our bodies for warm weather activities like gardening and yard work. A little time each day doing a few stretching and strengthening exercises will help prepare muscles that have been resting over the winter...more

Real guidelines for real people: Everyday activity solutions

The best path to fitness, by far, is regular physical activity. Active people tend to be healthier and to have a better attitude toward life in general...more

Walking your way to fitness

Walking is one of the most important and popular forms of endurance exercise. For most people, walking is a safe, easy and no-cost way to be fit. Here are some tips for establishing a good walking style and routine...more

Choose Strength Training for More Than Strong Muscles

Regular, moderate strength-building activities can help you in many ways.  Read more to find out how...more


Stretching is good

Three stretching exercises are featured below: ankle, triceps and wrist stretches. Do each stretching exercise 3 to 5 times per session. Slowly stretch into the desired position, going as far as possible without pain, and hold the stretch for 10 to 30 seconds. Relax, then repeat, trying to stretch farther...more




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