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Maintain, don’t gain, this holiday season

Many are starting their wellness challenges early this year, making them “Maintain, Don’t Gain, Holiday Wellness Challenges.” The time to strategize ways to enjoy the holidays and stay healthy during them is before the feasting and food follies begin...more


Healthier versions of football party recipes

There will be many high fat, high calorie choices available at the parties for the most popular football game of the year. Here are some ideas on how you can make the choices healthier by how you prepare the recipe you choose to take...more


Practice safety when smoking turkey

Smoking the Thanksgiving turkey is gaining popularity. “That hot, smoky air in the smoker makes for tender meat and a wonderful flavor, but special care must be taken to assure a safely smoked turkey”...more


Cook and freeze now to avoid holiday stress

One way to prevent holiday stress is to prepare some of the food ahead of time and freeze it. From casseroles to cookies you can have a large portion of your holiday food prepared before the actual day arrives...more


Give a gift of food

With the holiday season in full swing, many people are thinking about the festive dinners and bulging potluck meals they will prepare or be invited to. But others are thinking about where they will get their next meal...more


Trim fat and calories from St. Patrick’s Day feast

Corned beef and cabbage is a favorite meal on St. Patrick’s Day, but some may want to cut back on the fat and calories...more


Some frugal ideas for your Thanksgiving meal

Most people want to provide a special Thanksgiving meal for family and friends, but no one wants to overspend. University of Missouri Extension has a series of brochures that can help you to prepare meals for less...more


Brining a turkey makes it moist

All families have a favorite method of preparing their turkey to perfection. One method is brining the turkey, which is a sort of pre-soak method that helps assure a moist, tasty turkey...more


Coloring eggs: A spring tradition

While there are lots of dye packages marketed this time of year, you can create your own colors with food coloring and vinegar, or try some natural egg dyes using fruits and plants...more


Six steps to a healthier holiday season

At the end of every year and beginning of a new one, people make resolutions to lose weight. Many times, people feel guilty about the weight they’ve gained during the holidays. This holiday season, try following some of these steps...more


Holiday entertaining without breaking your budget

As the holiday season approaches, many of us have holiday parties and gatherings to plan. This means we face the daunting task of keeping our family traditions without breaking our budget. With some creativity and planning ahead, we can stick to a budget while still making this season fun and memorable...more


How to avoid holiday weight gain

During the holidays, many people accept that they are going to gain weight and assume they can lose it later. The best plan is to avoid gaining holiday weight so you never have to worry about losing it. Try these tips for maintaining your weight during the holiday season...more


Sharing meals brings joy to holiday season

Cooking and eating together during the holidays are among the simple things that can bring comfort and joy to our lives. Here are five comforting ways to make food and nutrition a central ingredient of your holiday season...more


Be a thoughtful giver with food items

Gifts from the kitchen provide a way to give from the heart. This article includes some points to consider as well as a recipe to give as a gift...more


Take control of stress before it takes control of you

Signs of stress vary from person to person, but everyone can find ways to reduce stress during the holiday season...more


Holiday survival tips for people with diabetes

Holiday celebrations are all about food, and this can be very challenging for individuals dealing with diabetes. With some planning ahead and keeping to your routine, you can manage your diabetes through the holidays...more


Cook turkey and stuffing safely

The day of the big feast is fast approaching. If the feast is to include a turkey, make sure the turkey is safe to eat. The same holds for stuffing or dressing – make sure it is prepared safely...more


Holiday eating strategies

Avoid the average holiday-season weight gain! Use these updated tips to get through the holiday feasts successfully...more


Decrease calories this holiday season by eating low-energy, dense foods

There is a way to be able to eat plenty of food and still maintain a healthful diet: Eat low-energy, dense foods...more


Holiday eating for your health

During the holidays, food is a focal point. Foods such as pomegranates, cranberries, pumpkin, turkey and potatoes taste good and have many health benefits...more


Win the Holiday Battle of the Bulge

If we can avoid the holiday weight gain, we will be taking positive steps to prevent obesity and prevent or delay the development of heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problems...more


Tips for your New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year when we think about changes we want to make in our lives. For many people, those resolutions include a vow to eat healthy, exercise and/or lose weight. Here are some suggestions for habits that can make a positive impact on your health, as well as tips for making those habits stick...more


Have a healthy Thanksgiving

Moderation, not deprivation, is the key to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Here are some ways to make your Thanksgiving feast healthier...more


Chocolate Covered Strawberries: A Healthy Alternative

On February 14 there are lots of gifts exchanged between people who want to show their affection, respect or love. The National Confectioners Association estimates that 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates will be sold for Valentine’s Day. If you want to indulge your Valentine with chocolate, give chocolate covered strawberries as a more healthful alternative...more


Dark chocolate a healthy gift for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate has always been a favorite gift to give for Valentine’s Day. This year, consider giving a gift that may benefit the heart of the person you are giving it to — dark chocolate...more


Try something new with your turkey leftovers

With a little creativity and safe food handling, you can enjoy turkey-based meals with little preparation and cooking...more


Resolve to Replace Diets with Good Health Habits

This is the time of year when many people start diets. But after a few weeks of not getting enough to eat or eating food that does not taste good, most dieters give up, having "failed" once again. The truth is, though, it is the diets that are the failures, not the people who try them...more

Making Good on Your New Year's Resolutions

How are you coming on your New Year's resolution? Making progress? Or, is it history already-just hours into the New Year?  You can make resolutions anytime during the year-then put a plan into action. What is important with resolutions or goals is that we make a commitment and monitor our progress towards those goals. These resolutions also need to be reasonable...more

Secrets for making resolutions stick

By the end of January, most people who have made unrealistic New Year's resolutions will have burned out. But if you know the following secrets, those good intentions can stick forever...more


Follow safety rules when preparing Easter eggs

If you will be dyeing and hunting Easter eggs, it’s important to follow these food safety rules to prevent illness...more


Foods for Father's Day

Neckties may be a popular Father's Day gift, but wouldn't it be nice to give Dad the gift of a long, healthy life? In honor of Father’s Day, here are some of the most important foods for protecting men’s health...more


Alternative Party Treats

When it is time to give kids a treat, it is easy to think of candy or soda, but with childhood obesity on the rise it's time to think about fun alternatives. There are lots of great options that promote health and physical activity...more


Teach children healthy habits for Halloween

It’s hard to think of Halloween as a holiday to practice healthy habits when the goal for most children is to get as much candy as possible for their own private stash. However, this is a great time to set a good example in your own household and to remember that moderation is one key to a healthy diet...more


Managing Halloween and the candy monster

Think of Halloween as a great occasion to play dress up extraordinaire, and try to take a moderate stand on the candy. Here are some suggestions for managing a happy and healthy Halloween...more


Purchasing, thawing and cooking your turkey 

Many people only cook whole turkeys for the holidays, so the following information has been developed as a guide for purchasing and preparing turkey. Learn how to safely roast, smoke or deep fry your turkey...more


Don't let the bird flu spoil Thanksgiving

During the Thanksgiving season there may be concern about the bird flu (Avian Flu), but don't let that stop you from serving turkey. Health officials are not concerned about the spread of Avian Flu through food sources...more


The science behind your holiday cravings

Most of us feel as already if we are stretched to our limit with our daily activities. When stressed, some people turn to food for comfort...more


Creating healthier holiday food and recipes

With a little bit of planning and modification to your favorite holiday foods, you can create a healthier version of many of your holiday foods and recipes...more


Gift Ideas for Active Living

Looking for just the right gift for someone special on your list? Consider something that promotes an active lifestyle like the items on this list. Or, circle the items you’d like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning and leave the list where Santa’s helpers can’t help but notice it...more



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