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Dining out? You can still eat well

Jessica Kovarik, RD, LD, former Extension Associate, University of Missouri Extension


Tips to healthfully navigate a restaurant’s menu.


  • Try a thin crust pizza
  • Ask for less cheese
  • More veggies and less meat
  • Order a personal pizza or take home a doggie bag
  • Pick out a side salad



  • Select entrees with marina sauce
  • Limit Alfredo and white sauces
  • Pick ground beef over sausage



  • Go easy on garlic and cheesy bread
  • Ask for whole-wheat bread or another whole-grain
  • Use butter sparingly
  • Fill up with your entrée not the bread basket



  • Steamed rice is best
  • Go grilled verses breaded or crispy
  • Opt for veggie-filled dishes or steamed vegetables
  • Ask for sauces on the side
  • Split large entrees or save some for later



  • Skip the cheese on burgers
  • Ask for specials sauces on the side
  • Opt for small fries
  • Order single-patty burgers
  • Pick out toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions and mushrooms
  • Choose grilled and baked over crispy and breaded
  • Limit gravies, creams and butter
  • Select a side salad or other veggie



  • Go lean with chicken or turkey
  • Limit sauces such as mayonnaise
  • Use less cheese
  • Load up on the veggies such as lettuce, onions, tomatoes, sprouts, mushrooms and your favorites
  • Choose whole-grain bread



  • Pile on a variety of colors
  • Go easy on the dressing
  • Limit creamy pasta salads and dressings
  • Pick grilled lean meats such as turkey or chicken


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