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Food, Fitness and Scams


Beware of misleading nutrition claims

Eat this, don’t eat that — as consumers, we are inundated with information about health and nutrition. Here are a few simple steps to help us determine if the information we receive is relevant, reliable and research-based...more


Be wary of fad diets: How to spot diet fraud and quackery

Here is a list of diet fads to be wary of and some surprising don'ts about dieting. Tips for healthy eating and exercising are also offered...more


Don’t be fooled by fancy food labels – read the ingredients

These days many people are very intentional about selecting healthy and nutritious foods. And yet even the most conscientious may be fooled by fancy food labels that cleverly make consumers think they are getting something better than they are...more


Dispelling food-related myths: baby carrots

A problem with technology is that when the message shared isn’t true, misinformation gets around quickly. One example of this problem is a recent food-related myth about baby carrots...more


Don't Get Taken By Full Body Scans

A soccer player claims that a full body CT (computed tomography) scan found a heart condition, another ad claims that a woman found out she had an uterine tumor - a tumor that her doctor and mammogram had failed to find...more

Food and Health Target for Scares, Scams and Hoaxes

Pick up a magazine, read your e-mail or tune into the grapevine and you are sure to encounter health information buzz lines. Some of it sounds and looks research-based (what extension promotes); some is too good to be true and other information is down right amazing...more


Bar Exam: Energy Bars Flunk

The energy boost you get from the sports bar comes from the calories it provides.  Period – there’s no magical or secret ingredient that’s doing the job...more







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