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Food, Fitness and Weight Control


Tracking weight loss accurately

Research shows that weighing regularly tends to help more of us be successful at losing weight and maintaining weight loss. Should you weigh daily? Invest in an expensive scale? Is weighing yourself really the best option to track loss?...more


Fight menopause belly fat

As many women know, it can be difficult not to gain weight as you near menopause. Commit to these five proven techniques to fight against the middle-aged spread...more


Combating stress-related weight gain

For a lot of people, stress can lead to emotional overeating and thus unwanted weight gain. Here are some tips to help you get back on track and reach your healthy weight...more


Helpful tips to maintain weight loss

People who have lost weight know that once the weight is lost, it can be difficult to keep it off. People who do maintain their weight loss have some healthy habits in common...more


Eight healthy habits to help lose weight

Losing weight is a common, but difficult goal for many people. It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t see results quickly or because you’re trying to do too many things at once...more


Weight management: Avoiding portion distortion in the new year

Many people’s resolutions relate to weight loss and healthy eating habits. To help you manage your weight throughout the entire year, it is important to use portion control. Apply the following tips...more


How much are we eating?

In the U.S., the number of people who are obese is increasing every year - Missouri’s obesity rate is 28.5 percent. Research indicates that it isn’t necessarily what we are eating, but how much we are eating that is impacting obesity rates...more


How college students can avoid the freshman 15

Most new college students have heard of the freshman 15. It refers to the 15 pounds many students gain during their first year in college. To avoid excess weight gain, it’s important for students to practice simple habits...more


The latest on what works for weight loss

New research led by the Harvard School of Public Health concludes that the best way to lose weight and maintain weight loss is by decreasing calories and increasing activity...more


Weight Gain can be Difficult for Some

Less than five percent of the adult population is classified as being underweight. People who deal with this issue are often hard pressed to find information on healthful weight gain...more


Stick to the facts when it comes to dieting

Although fad diets can be traced back as far as 1820, they don’t work for permanent weight loss...more


FDA Approved a New Over the Counter Diet Pill

The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved a diet drug for over the counter sales. The drug, alli, taken with meals works by blocking 25 percent of the fat the person eats...more


Be 100% Fad Free

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) is encouraging us to be “fad free” in our food choices. The ADA defines a food fad as “an unreasonable or exaggerated belief that eating (or not eating) specific foods, nutrient supplements or combinations of certain foods may cure disease, convey special health benefits or offer quick weight loss.” ...more


Why Do We Eat Too Much?

A large percentage of us eat more than we should on Thanksgiving and some of us are actually miserable because of the amount of food we eat. Many of us will continue to overeat throughout the holiday season. Nobody likes to feel miserable and very few people are trying to gain weight so why do we continue to overeat? ...more


“But Mother, I’m Full” - Dealing with Pressures to Eat

One major principle of healthy eating is to eat when hungry, and stop eating when we are satisfied. This helps us avoid over eating, and reinforces our natural abilities to monitor our food intake and calories. Unfortunately, our best efforts to eat more healthfully, and eat less to maintain a healthy weight, can be sabotaged. Well meaning family and friends, and some not so well meaning, can pressure us to eat...more


Conquer Weight Gain with Small Changes  

“Small changes over time can lead to a big difference in your weight and your health. Short term “diets” simply don’t work in the long run because you end up feeling deprived, starved, and often bored with the regiment...Nutrition experts recommend for long term success that you adopt a healthy eating pattern that fits your preferences. Increase your awareness of major obstacles that often lead to weight gain such as super-sized portions, frequent eating of high fat fast food, too much regular soda or fruit drinks, and lack of physical activity...more


Portion Control is Important for Health

In the last two decades, overweight and obesity have become an epidemic in America. The truth of the matter is that we are just eating a lot more than we used to. It is interesting to note that the size of plate we eat on is larger than it was twenty or thirty years ago. And, we have come to expect everything to be available in a super size...more


Questions Answered about Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index or BMI is used by health professionals as one tool in determining health risks for chronic disease. It is used for population assessment of overweight and obesity...more


Glycemic Index of Foods: The Facts

At this time of the year many people are going on diets to try to meet the goals of their New Year’s Resolutions. Advertisers want us all to use their product and have come up with myriad of ways to sell their special diet approach. Several diets are now saying their diet is based on the Glycemic Index of foods and that is the newest and best way to lose weight...more


Slow and steady pace wins race to fitness

Jumping feet first into a vigorous exercise program could land you back in your easy chair, nursing sore muscles by the next day. “Don’t go into a vigorous sport if you haven’t been active,” said Steve Ball, a University of Missouri Extension exercise physiologist. “You need to start off slowly and build up gradually.” ...more


Weight Control Myths

We’ve all heard those quick little tips, like fill up on water before you go to a party or use sugar-free foods to save calories. Do these promoted tips really work or are they simply myths...more


Be Skeptical of Quick Fixes

By March, many of us have already tossed our New Year’s diets aside. The extra weight is still there, but it’s hard to keep up the willpower needed to get it off. Many would be willing to pay a hefty sum for a pill or herbal tea that would help shed our unwanted pounds, but experts warn against quick fixes....more


The Skinny on Fat

In the past few years, many people have restricted carbohydrates to lose weight. The main thing to remember for weight control is that calories are what really count. It takes 3,500 unused calories to add up to one pound of weight gain. Protein and carbohydrates provide four calories per gram of food but fat provides nine calories per gram of food. Fat calories can add up fast! ...more


Are Low-Carbohydrate Diets Worth It?

Grain products, vegetables, and fruits should be the foundation of a healthy diet. Eating foods that are moderate in sugars, salt, and sodium, while also being low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol will ensure proper nutrition...more


Dairy foods have powerful impact on weight management for children and adults

Calcium has been known for its important role in bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. Now studies indicate there is a growing body of evidence that shows a relationship between calcium intake and maintaining a healthy body weight. ...more


People lose more than pounds on high-protein diets

People trying to shed excess weight on high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets could be losing more than pounds, according to a University of Missouri Extension expert. ...more

Soft Drinks and Weight Gain

What causes weight gain? Skipping meals and gorging later in the day, eating out frequently, eating larger portions and drinking large amounts of non-diet soft drinks...more

Super Sizing of America: More Weight for Your Buck

As Americans we have been brought up to believe in the "bigger is better" rule. Just look at what we purchase: Hummers, 60-inch big screen TVs and extended cab trucks. 8 ounce steaks, jumbo cookies and super size fast food prove how we cling to our motto for even our food selections...more

Is Obesity a Disease?

There is little question that Americans are getting fatter despite one third of all adults trying to lose weight at any given time. A staggering 30 billion dollars are being spent annually on weight loss products and promotions, yet as a nation we are gaining weight at an unprecedented rate...more

Physical Inactivity More Risky than Overweight

Steven Blair, Director of Research at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, recently came to the University of Missouri to present a talk titled "Physical Inactivity: Our Biggest Public Health Problem." His bottom line message is that being physically inactive is more of a health risk than being overweight...more

The Low-Fat Binge

We have no-fat this and no-fat that, and even the no-fat fat! America is on a binge of no-fat and low-fat foods. But the binge is not calorie free, and the result is that Americans are eight pounds heavier than ten years ago. And, a third of us are obese, up from a fourth, just ten years ago. What’s happening?...more

Ephedra Fact Sheet: Metabolife and Metab-O-lite

Both Metabolife and Metab-O-lite are some of the hottest selling dietary supplements on the market that claim to help with weight loss and boost energy. What are the ingredients?...more

The Downside of Supersize

The supersizing of portions and plates is one of the major factors contributing to the supersizing of Americans - over 60% are now considered "overweight." The rise in obesity among our youth is especially alarming because we are now seeing a type of diabetes - Type II - in children that was previously seen only in overweight adults...more

Quick and Easy Weight Loss, Is it For Real?

The promise of "quick and easy" weight loss is actually one of several "red flags" signaling diet fraud. Unfortunately, losing excess body fat is neither quick nor easy. Healthful eating and regular physical activity are the real keys to maintaining a healthy weight over a lifetime. Here are several "red flags" to help you spot "junk" diet advice...more

Stay in Shape: Don't Let Desk Jobs Do You In

It's easy to put on weight as we get older, especially when we have a sedentary lifestyle...Here are some strategies for fitting fitness in, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle despite a sedentary job...more

Self-Serve vs. Being Served

If you are the type who likes to serve yourself at the table-that's a wise habit to have. If you are frequently served your portion-whether away from home or at home-the waist will show your habit...more



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