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Maintaining Your Housing Investment

Environmental Design, College of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Missouri Extension



Program description

Post-purchase education is an important part of any home-ownership program to facilitate home maintenance and retention. The initial months of home ownership can offer challenges as great as the purchase process. Home owners may not provide necessary maintenance to upkeep their dwelling which could result in serious deterioration, they could fall behind on their mortgage payment, save inadequately for home repairs and renovation, and they could over extend themselves through home equity payments due to lack of training on financial management. This educational program is based on the assumption that it is critical to provide support in home care and financial management to new homeowners, particularly households who have no previous experience with home owning.

This is a program for first time homebuyers and other homeowners about basic home repairs, maintenance, and financial management necessary to successfully maintain a home.

Target audience

The target audience for the program implementation workshops will be the first time home buyers, any home owner interested in home retention and maintenance issues, home repair and maintenance related professionals/agency members and lenders.

Anticipated outcomes

Homeowners who attend this program will gain information necessary to successfully maintain homeownership through knowledge and skill gained in home maintenance and basic care, home inspection, energy management, and financial management.

Contact person(s)

Rebecca Blocker, Environmental Design Specialist (East Central Region)
Tel: 573-756-4539

Pat Snodgrass, Environmental Design Specialist (South Central Region)
Tel: 573-775-2135

Michael Goldschmidt, AIA CSI,
Resident Instruction Assistant Professor & State Specialist


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