Be a Missouri Saver!

Thank you for your interest in Missouri Saves. Missouri Saves is a part of a nationwide campaign in which a broad coalition of nonprofit, corporate and government groups help individuals and families save and build wealth. University of Missouri Extension is proud to participate in this effort and to provide education to improve your life.

Who can join?
Anyone who agrees to work toward a savings goal such as homeownership, school tuition, retirement or even debt repayment can join. Missouri Savers set a monthly savings goal of as little as $10, then try to save this amount each month.

Your only obligation is to develop a specific saving goal, select an account, make a deposit in this account each month (or make a debt payment), and let us know that you are working toward your saving goal.

Keep in mind that you control your savings account. You open the account. It is in your name. You receive the statements. We only advise and encourage.

Sign up
It's easy! Sign up online or download the registration form and get more information at the bottom of the sign up page.