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My 3-year-old son is starting a pre-kindergarten program at our local elementary school. How can I make sure he doesn't pick up bad behaviors from other children?

The way that you have raised your son, the role modeling you have provided, and the things that you have taught your son will be the primary influences in his life. From this point forward, he will be around a variety of children in different settings and will have many choices. As he watches how other children behave, talk about what happens when he or other children misbehave. Beginning a new preschool will be a good chance for him to earn how to use the skills you have given him. This is an important step in his becoming independent. Starting a new program is also a good chance for your son to learn from his mistakes, as well as an opportunity for him to have successes. Using these skills is one of the first steps in learning responsibility. Your son needs the freedom to have experiences outside of your family. He also still needs your guidance and support.

Talk with him about his friends and the other children at his school. Talk about his likes and dislikes. Make it clear that he can come to you and talk about anything. Stay in close contact with his teacher so that you know how he is doing at school and his teacher knows how he is doing away from school. Make your rules at home clear and use them consistently. You can remind your son that while another child may misbehave at preschool, it is not acceptable in your home. Remind him of the family rules.



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