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Child Care Quick Answers


How can I tell if my child care is good?


How can I help my 18-month-old daughter get used to the new child care center?


How can I tell if an in home provider is going to be a good match for my infant son?


I just moved to Missouri; how do I find child care?


What do I do if I can not afford child care?


What is Head Start?


Who is eligible to attend Head Start?


What is child care licensing? Why is it important?


My family is moving away from Missouri. Where can I find information about child care in other states?


What is the Family Care Safety Registry?


What's better for my child, a child care center or child care in someone else's home?


When I phone a potential child care program, what should I ask?


When I visit a potential child care program, what should I look for?


I'm considering unlicensed child care. How can I make sure that my child will be safe?


How do I select a child care program for my child(ren)?


My child clings to me and cries when I leave him-her at child care. What can I do?


My child has started biting other children at child care. What can I do?


My 3-year-old son is starting a pre-kindergarten program at our local elementary school. How can I make sure he doesn't pick up bad behaviors from other children?




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