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Quick Answers...Consumer Complaints


I want to write a letter regarding a consumer complaint I have. What should I include in the letter?

Your letter should include the following:


  • A complete description of the problem, the product number, and the date and place of purchase. 
  • A description of what happened at the local level when a complaint was made (include dates and the person with whom you spoke). 
  • A statement of what you would consider reasonable to resolve the problem. 
  • The action intended if satisfactory redress is not obtained. 
  • A reasonable deadline for them respond to your letter (3 weeks is a reasonable time). 
  • Copies of relevant documents (keep all originals). 
  • Indication that copies of the letter are being sent to higher offices in the company and/or government offices (be sure to keep a copy for your files).

Be direct but not threatening. You can demand a solution to your problem while keeping your requests reasonable, which will more likely ensure that you will receive some sort of resolution to your problem.





Brenda Procter, M.S., State Specialist & Instructor
Personal Financial Planning, University of Missouri-Extension


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