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Quick Answers...Time Management



How can I set priorities in my life?

Priorities are the key to better managing both your time and your life. Many of us make to-do lists, but few take enough time to weigh the activities on the list for their relative importance - both professionally and personally. Without that essential step of setting priorities, a to-do list is useless.

William Bond, an author and lecturer on time management suggests making a list of everything you think you should do tomorrow. Then ask yourself, "Which jobs will give me the best return for my time and energy? Which are essential for my goals? Which are essential for the company’s goals? Which tasks does my boss view as important? What can be done by only me?"

Use this information to number the items on your list - 1 for top priority, 2 for second highest and so on. Take time for this step--don’t rush through it. Each morning review your priority list and stick with it or other tasks will eat up your time.




Written by Sandra McKinnon and Cynthia E. Crawford, Ph.D., Family Financial Education Specialists, University of Missouri-Extension


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