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My son is 13 months old and I am concerned that he may have developed problems with his hearing. He only seems to hear noises that are very loud or that have vibration, like when I am walking across the floor to pick him up. He does not talk, and he gets frustrated when he can’t make me understand what he wants. What can I do?

It is time to voice these concerns to your pediatrician. Ask for a physical examination of his ears, and if warranted, arrange for your son to have a hearing screening. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. Some hearing loss can be caused by illnesses, such as infection or fluid collection in the middle ear. In addition, some hearing loss can be caused by reactions to medications, trauma, or genetic factors. It is important to try to establish if the hearing impairment is permanent, the amount of hearing loss, and what can be done to assist your child in learning to compensate for any existing hearing loss.



Michelle Reynolds, Director of the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City



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