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My son with learning disabilities wants to go to college. He is convinced he can earn a college degree. I worry about him failing, as he struggled with some subjects in high school. Are young adults with learning disabilities successful in higher education?

Most individuals with learning disabilities have average or above average levels of intelligence, however their brain has one or more dysfunctions that create a gap between their ability to learn in specific areas and their general intelligence. Each student with learning disabilities who desires to attend college should pay a visit to the colleges they are considering.


Individuals with learning disabilities have long been involved in higher education. The current trend is for colleges to adapt more to the student with learning disabilities, rather than the student finding and/or creating their own niche in the collegiate world. While colleges and universities have legally mandated minimums for services to students identified as having a learning disability, many do go beyond those mandated minimums and offer a wide array of services aimed at assisting students with learning disabilities to achieve their academic goal. In addition, your son’s self-confidence, desire to succeed, and goal of completing college will contribute to his success. If he chooses to prepare for a career that uses his strengths to his advantage, you should be the proud parent of a college graduate in just a few years!



Michelle Reynolds, Director of the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City



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