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What is sensory integration therapy?

We are all aware of our 5 primary senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing). Our bodies also sense movement, gravity, and spatial placement. It is the job of the central nervous system to coordinate all of the information that is relayed to us through these “information lines.” If, for some reason, our bodies cannot process all of this sensory information, we may become over-stimulated or fail to notice important cues the sensory information would provide.


Sensory integration therapy addresses difficulties in sensory processing, and is usually done by occupational therapists. Although it may look like play time, activities in sensory integration therapy are carefully planned and programmed “play” that stimulates development in deficit areas. Occupational Therapists may teach parents specific play routines to reinforce the activities taught in sensory integration therapy.



Michelle Reynolds, Director of the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City



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