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I purchased a copy of the new USDA canning publication, the "Complete Guide to Home Canning," and I noticed that it does not contain some of the recipes that were in the old USDA publications and in some of the old University Extension guidesheets, like hominy. Can I still use the old recipes?

According to Dr.Gerald Kuhn, the food scientist who was in charge of the research for this new publication, the decision was made not to include some of these old products because their quality was not good to begin with and very few people were still using them. Because these old products did not receive any recent testing, we cannot assure you that these products are safe.


Specifically regarding hominy: The home canning directions for lye hominy were removed from publications in the 1980's because food grade lye is not widely available, it is expensive, and there are safety concerns regarding handling lye in the home as it can be extremely hazardous. For additional information and for a recipe to make hominy without lye, refer to the National Center for Home Food Preservation website



Source: Personal communication with Dr.Gerald Kuhn, Pennsylvania State University, March 1989. 




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