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I canned green beans using the new canning guidelines, however, I processed them at 10 pounds pressure on my dial-gauge canner instead of 11 pounds. Is my food safe to eat?

We cannot assure you that your product is safe. Recent research conducted by USDA indicated that processing temperatures and some processing times had to be increased to assure a safe product. If you have a dial-gauge canner and live between sea level and 2000 feet, you must now can low-acid foods at 11 pounds pressure for the recommended time, rather than 10 pounds. We suggest that you put a prominent label on all these beans stating that they must be boiled for 10 minutes before tasting if you live below 1000 feet. Above 1000 feet, boil for 11 minutes. If food shows any signs of spoilage, foams or has an "off" odor during boiling, destroy it. 



Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia




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