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Can I freeze cookies?

Cookies may be frozen. Bar, drop, rolled, and refrigerator types may be frozen unbaked or baked. Quality is similar to fresh if stored no longer than 3 months. Recipes high in fat and low in moisture are best for freezing. Package cookie dough and baked cookies in moisture-vapor-proof containers of suitable size and shape. Thaw baked cookies in original containers at room temperature. Unbaked doughs are easier to package and take less storage space than baked cookies. Thaw frozen drop or bar cookie dough at room temperature until soft enough to drop by spoonfuls on baking sheet or pour into baking pan. Most refrigerator cookies may be sliced without thawing; some may need partial thawing in a refrigerator. Bake the same as fresh cookies. Cookies may also be cut, frozen on a tray, and packaged with freezer paper between layers for easy handling later.          



Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia




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