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Can I use my oven to process food?

Oven canning is extremely dangerous and definitely not a recommended procedure. There is great risk during processing because the chances are high that jars will break when the oven is opened or when jars are removed from the oven. This is caused by the sudden change in temperature as well as the heating patterns created by dry heat. Also, this method does not allow the air inside the jar to be forced out. This is also a factor in the safety of the product.

The dangers of inadequate processing can pose a risk to your health. The purpose of heat processing is to destroy any harmful organisms. In oven processing the heat transfer is uneven and therefore the food does not reach high enough temperatures throughout. The internal temperature of the food cannot reach 212 degrees F in an oven regardless of the temperature at which the oven is set.



Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia




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