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How should I freeze shrimp?

Fresh, large size shrimp may be packed for freezing shelled or unshelled, cooked or uncooked. Remove the head and the dark vein down the back as soon as possible. Package in moisture-vapor-proof containers, label, and freeze immediately. For longer storage, run water over container to melt just enough to remove shrimp. Pour water over shrimp to glaze, put back into container and return to freezer. This helps to prevent the product from drying out in storage.


Raw shrimp in shell: Wash, remove heads and large veins; wash again in salt water (2 tablespoons to 1 quart cold water). Drain thoroughly. Package, label, and freeze.


Shelled, cooked shrimp: Wash in salted water after removing heads; drain; cook in boiling water for 10 minutes; cool thoroughly; shell and remove dark veins if this was not done when heads were removed; rinse, drain, and cool. Package, label, and freeze. Cooked shrimp may toughen slightly during storage.                 



Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia




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