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How long can refrigerated pickle products be stored in the refrigerator?

Homemade, deli-style dill pickles must be stored in the refrigerator. If they are made from fresh, sound cucumbers and allowed to ferment for a full week, they should keep in the refrigerator for about two months. It is difficult to predict how long "refrigerator pickles" - made by packing cucumbers into jars, covering with a cold vinegar solution, closing with lids, and refrigerating - will keep. It depends on the condition of the cucumbers at the time of pickling and the strength of the vinegar solution. Spoilage of refrigerated pickle products would, of course, be obvious - mold, bubbling, off odor, mushiness, slipperiness. As long as refrigerated pickles show no evidence of spoilage, they may be safely consumed.


Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia







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