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A woman canned about 60 quarts of pumpkin. She pressure canned it, but it was pureed to about the consistency of applesauce. All the jars sealed. After 3 days, several of the jars became unsealed and pumpkin spilled out. After a few more days, more of the jars became unsealed. They did throw the pumpkin away after each occurrence. After storing in their cellar, more jars have become unsealed. After each time they found unsealed jars they tested the remaining seals to assure they were still sealed. I am concerned about botulism.

Sounds like a toxic nightmare. Under no circumstances should she even touch the stuff without gloves. Toss the whole mess, jars and all, into the dumpster. There is no safe way for home processors to do pumpkin. You are absolutely correct to be concerned about botulism.


Source: Douglas Holt, Ph.D., Chair of Food Science Program & State Extension Specialist for Food Safety, University of Missouri-Columbia






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