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How can I make sure my meat is fully cooked?

A meat thermometer is an important kitchen tool. Often the appearance of cooked meats is deceiving. The meat may look done, but in reality it has not heated to a temperature necessary to kill pathogens that may be present. A meat thermometer can ensure that meats are cooked completely and are safe to eat. Insert the thermometer into the food 1 to 2 inches in the center, and wait 30 seconds for an accurate measurement.


Food: Heat to (degrees Fahrenheit):
Beef (including ground), lamb, pork 160
Whole poultry and thighs 180
Poultry breasts 170
Ground chicken or turkey 165
Eggs white and yolk are firm
Seafood 145
Reheated foods 165



Shannon Crosby, Dietetic Intern, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services






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