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I am a deep sea fisherman. I catch tuna and albacore and have been canning them for about 10 years. I have had several suppliers over the years, but now I am finding them very hard to find. When I do find a manufacturer they sell in car load lots only, and I buy 3 or 4 thousand at a time. Do you know where I could find this type of supplier?

We don't generally recommend home canners to use metal cans, but you seem a bit more than just a casual canner. The Dixie Canner Company makes small scale and specialty canning equipment. On their web site (see is a list of can suppliers by state (see I would start there.

If there is a large canning operation nearby, you could also try to purchase a load of cans from them. This is a long shot, but it would really be easy for the company.

You might also want to contact the Food Science department at your state university. Someone more local to you may be able to give you better guidance about what is available than I can.


Douglas L. Holt, Ph.D., Food Science State Extension Specialist, University of Missouri-Columbia







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