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Why is liquid sometimes lost from jars during processing?

Loss of liquid from jars may be due to:

1) Packing jars too full. If liquid boils out of jars during processing, a siphoning action is started.      

2) Fluctuating pressure in a pressure canner. Pressure may fluctuate if the heat is constantly turned up and down or if the canner is not vented.      

3) Lowering pressure too suddenly. When processing time is up, remove canner from heat and let stand until pressure is zero. Don't try to rush the cooling by running cold water over the canner or repeatedly nudging the pressure regulator or weighted gauge.


If most of the liquid is lost from jars during processing, the food will be safe to eat. Its quality, however, will deteriorate quickly. Use the food as soon as possible.

Do not open these jars to add more liquid after processing.     



Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia







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