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Can whole wheat flour be used in the Missouri Mix Recipe (1968)?

Whole wheat flour can replace white flour part for part, however, it is usually recommended that no more than 1/2 the white flour be replaced by wheat flour.

For example, the website, has the following:

Flour, All-Purpose White Flour
Amount: 1 cup
Substitute: 1/2 cup whole wheat flour plus 1/2 cup all-purpose flour.

TIP: It's generally recommended that you replace no more than half the all-purpose white flour with whole wheat flour. Too much whole wheat flour in a recipe calling for all-purpose flour might result in a reduced volume and a heavier product.

In addition, many packages of whole wheat flour have the substitution directions on the package. Whole wheat pastry flour is now also available to use in place of regular pastry flour.

Missouri Mix Recipe


Answered by Jessica Kovarik, RD, LD, Extension Associate, College of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Missouri Extension







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