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I am going to be spending my vacation on the beach and I'd like to lose a lot of weight, cellulite and inches in about three weeks time. Can you help?

"Cellulite" is a word dreamed up by marketers of weight loss products. It really isn't any different than plain old body fat. It's appearance is thought to be the result of repeated fat loss and gain. With regard to losing weight fast, please remember that there is no safe way to lose a lot of weight FAST. The safest amount of weight to lose in three weeks is 6 pounds (more than 1 to 2 pounds fat loss per week is not reasonable--any more than that, and you'll be losing water and lean body mass which is not healthy). How about trying to fit more fat-burning physical activity into your day; weight or resistance training is important too--it builds lean body mass. Physical activity in combination with eating nutritious and delicious foods is key to lifelong weight control. NO foods are off limits. Too many women diet, only to hate themselves later for gaining all the lost weight back. What many women don't realize is that the diets were doomed to fail in the first place. It's time to move away from restrictive and fad diets, and adopt a healthier way of living instead.

Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D., Former Nutritional Sciences Specialist, University of Missouri-Columbia

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Last updated:06/17/2015
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