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Is it true that skipping breakfast makes people more susceptible to getting colds and flu?

People who skip breakfast tend not to make up those lost nutrients. I'd also bet that skipping breakfast is a marker for other habits that are less than healthful. To keep our immune systems strong, and able to fight off the viruses that cause colds and flu, we need to take care of ourselves. That means, getting regular exercise, getting enough sleep, staying well-hydrated and getting all the nutrients we need, preferably with a balanced diet --that means 3 meals and healthful snacks throughout the day. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand washing reigns supreme as the number one way to fight disease!

Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D., Former Nutritional Sciences Specialist, University of Missouri-Columbia

University of Missouri Extension Site Administrator: 

Last updated:06/17/2015
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