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How should I teach my child to do chores?

Begin by doing activities together and making the experience fun. Be sure to match the job to the ability of your child so that he or she can be successful. Also, choose chores that have meaning for children. Take time and patience in working with children until they learn a new chore. Even if you could do the chore much faster and better, give children the opportunity to learn. Children aren't born with the ability to do jobs quickly and efficiently. In the beginning it may take more time and work on your part to have children help you. If you send them out to play while you do all the chores, they don't learn to work-instead, they learn that they are not really needed.

After you have worked together with children and feel they are ready to do a job alone, let them know you are available if they need help and fade into the background. Make sure children have kid-sized equipment for their work. Praise their efforts more for the contribution they are making than the quality of their work.



Source: ParentLink, 4-H/Youth Development, University of Missouri-Columbia




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