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Participants have shared how the SSSH program has improved their life:


  • “I was so out of condition, I thought I was going to have to give up my farm. I no longer feel this way.”
  • “[Now I] can comb the back of my hair.”
  • “I think I am stronger because I can lift myself off the toilet without using the grab bar.”
  • “Since starting in the first class I have improved range of motion. I have lost 25 lbs. and have gone from size 18 to 12.”
  • “Having a class to attend once a week helps to encourage me for the rest of the week to exercise.”
  • “Interacting with a group is great, gets me out and about.”
  • “I now know that even at my age, I can improve my health and quality of life.”
  • “My mood and outlook on life has greatly improved.”
  • “I appreciate the dedication, depth of explanation and energy of the instructor.”
  • “My healthier state helps me help my children.”
  • “My children are proud of my progression from sedentary to active. We actually discuss exercises and methods of increasing strength.”


Participants have also commented about their health improvements as a result of the Advanced SSSH program:


  • “Advanced SSSH got me going in the right direction.”
  • “I had a bad fall in a slick muddy field [and] I didn’t break a thing. I know this class is helping me prevent injuries.”
  • “Movement is so much better for maintaining my home and yard and I have more confidence living and doing things in life.”
  • “I can now unload my own (50 lb) feed bags.”
  • “Between this program and the gym, [I] have no more morning aches and pain in joints.”
  • “Blood pressure decreased, increased energy, and blood sugar decreased.”


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