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Whether you are faced with an unexpected loss of income or you find yourself having to change your spending habits, specialists from University of Missouri Extension, College of Human Environmental Sciences (HES) can provide you with unbiased, research-based information and ideas to help you get through difficult times.





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Money Matters

Be financially prepared, Getting the most out of your money, Making a spending plan, Ideas for living on less, Just lost your job? Donít panic!, Choosing a credit card, Credit emergencies, Identity theft, Tax credits, Tax refunds, Missouri landlord-tenant law, Fair debt collection, Cut down on how much gas you use, Predatory lending, Payday loans and more...


Top 10 things every senior should consider, Reverse mortgages, Planning funerals in advance



Conserve energy and save money, Compact fluorescent light bulbs, Making efficiency investments in your home and appliances, Saving energy in your home, How to make a draft dodger


Food and Fitness

Reduce your food budget, Resources to help you save, Two meals for $10



Ten ways to reduce health care costs



Money talks: Using communication skills to discuss finances, The value of understanding

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